Meeting Minutes

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July 2018 Society of St. Andrew/Summer Work Team Updates
May 2018 Social Media Strategies/Give Day Tampa Bay
April 2018 Policy Discussion/Annual Conference Announcement
March 2018
FRAC Updates/Special Olympics/Advocacy Discussion
February 2018 Summer BreakSpot Presentation/Nutrition Survey Pilot
January 2018 Work Team Planning Discussion for 2018


December 2017Conference Wrap-Up and Work Team Updates
October 2017
National Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Pilot / Garden 2 Go and Policy Team updates
September 2017 Call in Meeting due to Irma
August 2017 Sustainable Living Project/ Hillsborough County Food Access Study
July 2017 TBNEH Website Improvements and Updates
June 2017 Conference Volunteer Projects/Hunger Map/Waste No Food/For Profit Partnerships
May 2017 Hunger Policy Survey & Hillsborough County Hunger Awareness Proposal
April 2017 FRAC Best Practices Presentation & TBNEH Membership Application
March 2017  UMCM Food Hub in Lealman/Work Team Updates/FRAC Conference Preview
February 2017 Community Foundation & Social Enterprise/Work Team Updates
January 2017 Transportation Food Access Survey & FSF Pinellas Park Farm Partnership


December 2016 Asana Project Tracking Intro/Thomas Promise Overview/ECHO Donations
November 2016
Annual Conference Summary/Garden2Go Updates/Breakfast & Teen Hunger
September 2016
Strategic Plan/Work Team Updates/TBNEH Structure
July 2016  Facebook Member Monthly Highlight/Mosaic Weekend Bag Program/WIC at farmer’s markets
June 2016 PAL Lealman Farm Distribution/EFSP to Buy Fridges/Work Team Updates
May 2016 Pasco Food Pantry Survey/Teen Food Insecurity/Weekly Newsletter established
April 2016 ABAWD Legislative Issues & Member Response/Hunger Map Updates
March 2016 ABAWD Waiver Issues/FRAC Anti-Hunger Policy Report
February 2016 Network Finances/Numerous Work Team Updates/Florida Impact SFSP


December 2015 Commission on the Status of Women Hunger Forum/New Work Teams
January 2015
SNAP Gap Analysis (mobile SNAP challenges)/Board of Directors nominations


October 2014 Voting on New Work Teams/Grant Application Updates (HEAT, Bon Secours)
August 2014
Sustainable Living Project Tour/Transportation, Healthy Eating, Bridges Updates
July 2014
501c3 Status Approval/World Record Food Drive Attempt/Annual Meeting Plan
June 2014
Urban Food Park Progress and Issues/Small Church Mobilization/Tagline Decision
May 2014
Creating a Tagline/AmazonSmile Non-Profit Donations/Work Team Updates
April 2014
Urban Food Park Proposal/Best Practices Research/Little Red Wagon Foundation
March 2014
Childhood Hunger Engagement Strategies/Alliance to End Hunger Conf Summary
January 2014
New Website/Social Media Brainstorming/Active Member Discussion


November 2013
October 2013
Review of Annual Meeting & Suggestions for Next Steps
September 2013 (Annual Meeting)
Overview of Mission (Hunger Gap, Assessment, Research)
August 2013
Emphasis on Developing Public Policy/Define Meal Gap and Food Desert
June 2013
Network Structure Improvements (Diversity, Sustainability)/Health Issues of Hunger
May 2013
Healthy Eating Education/FL Impact Summer Feeding Program Updates
April 2013
Fresh Produce Distribution Improvements from Farmers/Pac-a-Sac Expansion
March 2013
EBT Access for Farmer’s Markets/Grocery Store Donations/Mobile Food Pantry
February 2013
Sweetbay Closing Gap Impacts/After School Meal Program/Publix Involvement
January 2013
Preliminary Budget Discussions/Hunger Assessment and “Missing Meals”


December 2012 Community Hunger Assessment/Charity Outreach/Website Development
November 2012
Continued Establishment of Priorities (food deserts, web presence, policy, etc)
August 2012
How to Strategically Measure Success/Childhood Hunger/Education
June 2012
New Website with Suggestions/Homebound Food Delivery/Community Gardens
May 2012 
Barriers to Food Access/Funding for Child Programs/Website Improvements
April 2012


November 2011  For Profit Meeting Summary/Community Gardens/Sustainable Food Drive
July 2011
  Drug Test Legislation/Donation Shortages/Big Tent Usage