Waste No Food: Recipient

Who can receive donations: Any charity that is a registered 501(c)3 or any individual or business (ie. farms, community gardens) with a compost pile or animal that eats plant-based food scraps.

Benefits to recipients:

  • Claim food, which might otherwise have been thrown out, and distribute it to your clients, who might otherwise have gone hungry, or use it for compost.
  • The food, like the app, is free. Charities can use the money they might have otherwise spent on food for case management or other operational necessities.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up as a Charity/Recipient on the Waste No Food app with these directions. If you are a charity that would like to accept donations for redistribution, you must be a registered 501(c)3. If you are accepting food scrap donations for compost, please enter 00-0000000 as the 501(c)3 number.
  2. If you are accepting food scrap donations for compost, create a free Make Soil and/or ShareWaste account (this is optional, but it will help you get more food scraps and yard waste for your compost).
  3. Contact a team member below to schedule a quick orientation and to receive your buckets to exchange when picking up your first food scrap donation.
  4. Monitor the Waste No Food app and start accepting donations. Only claim a donation if you are able to pick it up. Communication with the donor is easy through the app.
  5. Please be mindful that each establishment will have slightly different procedures for pick up. We suggest communicating with each new business you visit to learn their preferences.
  6. Once you receive your donation, please redistribute the excess food to those in need or compost the food scraps so they can nourish community gardens! Need additional buckets to collect food scraps? Contact a team member listed below.

Questions? Contact the Creating a Regenerative Community Food System team today!


Chloe Kidd
Project Coordinator

Thank you to our Creating a Regenerative Community Food System partners!