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All Unaffiliated Individuals Must Complete the Following Application.
The Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger (TBNEH) brings people together to build a hunger-free community. Our members include nonprofits, for-profits, schools and universities, government organizations, and unaffiliated volunteers. The TBNEH serves members by:

• Keeping members up to date with best practices and policy changes
• Providing a Work Team structure for pilot programs
• Providing a forum for members to share successes and concerns and give support and guidance to one another
• Providing timely, relevant, and accessible education and training

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Membership Requirement:
Key to maximizing the value of all memberships in the Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger is member engagement. To maintain membership in the network, members are required to participate in one or more of the following. Please indicate the way(s) in which you plan to participate:

Participation (required)
Attend at least 4 monthly meeting each yearServe on a Work TeamSupport TBNEH activities in other capacities outside the above 2 options

Opportunity to Donate: Please indicate if your organization would like to donate to TBNEH to offset the administrative costs of updating the Hunger Map and increasing the support of members.


Please make your check payable to Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger. Mail your check to:
Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 252
Tampa, FL 33609

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