Waste No Food: Donors

Donate excess food to a local charity or food scraps for compost

Are you a restaurant, grocery store, farm, cafeteria or caterer interested in signing up for Waste No Food Tampa Bay? Donating excess food to local non-profits is a quick and efficient way to make an impact on your community. The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act protects food donors from being liable for the quality of the food. Here’s how it works: as a food donor you can post the amount of excess food you have available and the time required to pick the food up. Then organizations can request the food. Afterwards, the organization will be held responsible for picking up the food in a seamless and efficient manner. 

Who can donate: Any business that has excess food or makes food scraps.

Benefits to your business:

  • Help divert food from the waste system
  • Feed hungry neighbors
  • Reduce your trash bill
  • Less smelly trash
  • Adopt eco-friendly practices
  • Contribute to local gardening and agricultural practices

Click here for a printer-friendly Guide to Begin Composting.

How to get signed up:

  1. Sign up as a Donor by downloading the Waste No Food App from the App store or Google Play store and creating an account OR create an account at www.wastenofood.org.
  2. If you intend to collect food scraps for donation to compost, please submit a form here to receive your buckets. Review the list of materials that are able to be collected for compost and provide a copy to your team.
  3. Check out the Waste No Food app daily/weekly. Make sure to post your food surplus or food scraps for donation on the app so you can help divert food from the waste system!
  4. Have questions or need additional buckets to collect food scraps? Submit a contact form at the top.

Thank you to our Creating a Regenerative Community Food System partners!