Our Mission is to end hunger in Tampa Bay
by bringing people together to find solutions that
eliminate barriers, increase access and knowledge, and
expand the amount of nutritious food available.
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Network to End Hunger for Give Day Tampa Bay 2018!
You can start donating on April 17th through May 1st,
which is the official Give Day!

We ensure that our members and work teams have the most up-to-date information, tools, and resources as they tackle hunger in the Tampa Bay area, including with our Hunger Gap Map, which shows food supply and demand by zip code in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties.

Our over 350 members include academics, scientists, government agencies, churches, farms, meal providers, food banks and pantries, transportation agencies, group homes, healthcare agencies, and more. Membership is open to all.

We are a lean organization(one full-time and one half-time staff member) that fosters collaboration among members by holding monthly meetings and having an annual conference.


The 2nd Thursday of Every Month 9:30AM – 11:00AM  United Way building, 5201 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 600, Tampa, FL (Phone:) 813.344.5837  Parking is limited. Please park in designated visitor spots.